OhMyHelp is an interactive platform that connects DEMAND (users) and SUPPLY (trusted service providers). Through our app or website, users can hire trusted service providers to outsource tasks while anyone with special skillsets or knowhow can help others and at the same time you can earn money online and expand your own business, anytime and anywhere you preferred.

For Task Posters – Free to join, simply download OhMyHelp app or follow simple registration process here (link to application page).

For Service Providers – Free to join, simply download OhMyHelp app or follow simple registration process (link to application page). Once we have verify your registration, we will send you additional information and you can create your own OhMyHelp portfolio where you can showcase your expertise, photos, samples of jobs you have recently completed or anything that help you to expand your business.

A member of our service team is here to help you 24/7.

Contact us in the following ways:

  • Email: hello@ohmyhelp.com

  • Whatsapp: +852 61097989

  • Mobile: +852 61097989

  • Telephone: 26138702

OhMyHelp connects you to verified Service Providers in few simple steps through our website or application.

Free to Sign-up - absolutely free to join OhMyHelp. Once you have registered, you can then start posting any jobs. Register here (link to application page).

Set your own price - you decide how much you want to pay or choose to request a quotation from Service Provider and compare prices instantly.

Choose your own Service Provider - only trustworthy, verify and efficient Service Providers are selected in our platform. You can review and compare feedback on your Service Providers before choosing the suitable Service Provider.

Digitalized Payments - Secured electronic payment system is in place and you can pay with your VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS and other supported options so no physical cash involved.

24/7 Support - OhMyHelp believes customer service is important and a member of our service team is here to help you.

Become your own boss and earn money wherever or whenever you preferred. OhMyHelp will also connects you to new customers and expand your business.

Free to Sign-up - absolutely free to become OhMyHelp Service Provider. Once we have verified and approved you to become a Service Provider, you can then start earning money by doing your preferred jobs. Register to become OhMyHelp Service Provider here (link to application page).

Set your own price - service provider can set your own price and choose to accept the job which you believed it is reasonably priced.

Build & Promote your brand - build your own business or expand your existing business by showcasing your existing skillsets or portfolios on your OhMyHelp Service Provider account where people can see how good you are at your provided services.

24/7 Support - A member of our service team is here to help you.

Very much you can ask for anything as long as it is legally entitled to perform the task and both the Task Posters and Service Provider must be at the age of 18 and above. However, OhMyHelp will not buy, deliver or help to facilitate illegal goods or services as they are not in the spirit of OhMyHelp. OhMyHelp may, but not obligated to open and inspect any packages or items without notice. Items such as alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions other legally/regulated products shall be delivered to the person who avails the Service through the Site. By availing the Service(s), the User implies that s/he is legally able to possess the product.

For Task Posters – FREE to use and post any tasks. No hidden fees or obligations. Download the app here (link to application page) and find trusted Service Providers now.

For Service Providers – From now until end of 2016. Only 5% Service Fee (to cover credit card fee) will be deducted from the agreed price after completion of task (e.g. if the agreed price is $100, Service Fee will be $5 and Service Provider will gets $95), be sure you take advantages of this limited promotional offer and expand your business. From 2017 onwards, a 15% Service Fee will be deducted from the agreed price to cover all handling and transaction costs. There are no hidden fees or additional costs. Download the app here (link to application page) and start earning money.

Posts on “For Sell” – FREE

Posts on “Local Deals” – From now until end of 2016. It is completely FREE to post any local deals. From 1st January 2017 onwards, a monthly fee of $500 will apply to each post.

Full refund on cancellation must be made in written by email at least 24 hrs prior to the scheduled booking or before any parties have formally accepted any tasks. In any other cases, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged to whoever cancel the task.

OhMyHelp will only collect personal data by lawful and in a fair manners. OhMyHelp acknowledged your personal information is important, hence, we will not distribute or share any personal data to third party.

Once Task Poster have posted the task with set budget, the funds will automatically deducted from Task Poster’s bank account and held at OhMyHelp’s bank account until the task is completed. Once the task is completed, the funds are paid directly to Service Provider’s bank account after deducting the service fee.